Superior Heart, Brain and Antioxidant Support - 700% Stronger CoQ10 Ubiquinol
Now With Fat-Busting Gynostemma Extract, and Super-Energizing PQQ
Want Limitless Energy? Take Care of Your Mitochondria.
Mitochondria are the tiny power generators inside every one of our cells. 

In fact, they produce as much as 95% of your body's total energy.

A single cell in your body can contain between 200 to 2,000 mitochondria, with the largest number found in your brain, heart and skeletal muscles

Unfortunately, as we age, these little engines start to malfunction and die off — leading to much of the weakness and fatigue we associate with old age.

Things like stress and poor diet make further accelerate this process. One study found that by age 90, muscle tissues can contain up 95% damaged mitochondria!
Science Confirms It :
  •  The Journals of Gerontology  reports that you lose up to 80% of the mitochondria you had at 25 by the time you hit age 67. Indeed, dozens of health problems affecting your brain, heart, vision, nerves and muscles are linked to mitochondrial dysfunction
  •  Annual Review of Nutrition reports,         “Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in nearly all poor health conditions
  •  Mitochondria Research Society reports 50 million U.S. adults are suffering from health problems in which mitochondria dysfunction is involved.
95% of your body’s energy is produced in your mitochondria.
And While There IS a Known "Rocket Fuel" That 
Supercharges Mitochondria...
For years, we have known that one substance, CoQ10, is the “rocket fuel” that supercharges your cells’ mitochondria.

But there’s a problem.

As great as CoQ10 is, there’s one critical thing it FAILS to do: It CAN'T create NEW mitochondria in your cells.

So you could be taking fistfuls of CoQ10 every day with little or no results, and that’s like pouring money into a black hole.
Taking CoQ10 Alone Is NOT Enough.
But now there’s something better.

Something that does what CoQ10 can never do.

It's a super nutrient discovered by NASA that shatters the limitations of CoQ10 and gives you the best, cleanest energy boost and whole-body anti-aging effects like you've never experienced.
Finally RESTORE Your Energy And Health To Youthful Levels.
Until recently, CoQ10 was the only nutrient known to science to be the fuel your cells need to make energy.

But as we've said, it does nothing to increase the number of “engines” in your cells, the mitochondria.

But that’s all changed with PQQ, a powerful nutrient that MULTIPLIES the number of new mitochondria in your cells. Something CoQ10 could never do.

PQQ does it by what’s called “mitochondrial biogenesis”— a unique process that actually boosts the number of mitochondria in your cells... unleashing vast stores of youthful energy throughout your body.
PQQ or Pyrroloquinolinequinone was actually discovered by a NASA probe in space dust. However, once the molecule was understood, it was also found to exist in fermented soy beans called natto, tea, green peppers, parsley, kiwi fruit and human milk.

PQQ produces NEW mitochondria in your cells… powering up your heart, boosting your brain power, energizing your body and slowing down aging in a way that’s light years ahead of simply taking CoQ10.
 Ultra Accel II Includes BioPQQ®
That's the most potent PQQ available on the market.

What can the PQQ in Ultra Accel II do for you?

For starters, how about accelerating your energy so you feel like you’ve had a 30-year rollback?

Imagine having each of your cells creating new mitochondria "jet engines" to power up every organ in your body with newfound vitality and energy.
Science Stands Behind the Energizing Power Of PQQ
PQQ’s amazing mitochondrial-boosting abilities have been documented by University of California Davis researchers.

They discovered that mice deficient in PQQ experienced growth impairment… immuno suppression… reduced fertility… and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Yet mice consuming PQQ saw a 55% increase in the number of new mitochondria in their cells.

Just as astounding, the mice with the strongest mitochondria showed no signs of aging — even when they were the equivalent of 80-year-olds!

And Biochemical Pharmacology reports that PQQ is up to 5,000 times more efficient in sustaining energy production than common antioxidants.

But it does a LOT more than that….
PQQ Powers Up a Young-Again Heart
Cardiovascular Drug and Therapy hails PQQ as a “highly effective cardioprotective agent” — and for good reason.

Your heart has HUGE energy demands — and that’s why you’ll find so many mitochondria in your cardiovascular system.

In fact, roughly one-third of the mass of your heart is made up of mitochondria, according to Current Pharmaceutical Design.

Now, you can rejuvenate and safeguard your heart with the PQQ found in Ultra Accel II.  

  •  PQQ helps boost your heart when there is poor blood flow .
  •  PQQ protects your heart from the dangers of oxidative stress. 
  •  PQQ protects you from the serious damage of a heart “disaster” better than even the strongest conventional treatment. 
  •  PQQ prevents a significant number of heart cells from self-destructing when deprived of oxygen and glucose.
  •  PQQ shields the mitochondria in your heart from the stress of making vast stores of energy .
  •  PQQ powers up your heart by stimulating the spontaneous growth of new mitochondria within aging heart cells.
PQQ Also Rejuvenates Your Mind And Memory
Your brain is the most energy hungry organ in your body, and with the greatest number of mitochondria — more than 2,000 in each brain nerve cell. 

But as a consumer of huge amounts of energy, this means your brain is also highly vulnerable to mitochondrial aging, dysfunction and decay.

Could mitochondrial dysfunction be why so many people over 50 are suffering from age-related memory loss, lack of concentration and cognitive decline? 

In fact, the Journal of Toxicology warns that mitochondrial decay in brain cells is indeed a primary cause of many neurodegenerative problems.
  •  PQQ triggers an aging brain to grow new mitochondria.
  •  PQQ protects existing mitochondria in your brain cells by mopping up free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, hallmarks of age-related memory loss. 
  •  PQQ stimulates the production of nerve growth factor, NGF, which triggers the growth nerve cells in your brain for sharper thinking. 
  •  PQQ reduces the dangerous effect of excitotoxicity in your brain cells. Excitotoxicity is when your brain’s neurons get overstimulated by toxic chemicals or electronic impulses. This overstimulation is linked to many types of age-related memory and cognitive problems. 
  •  PQQ protects your brain from memory-robbing plaques
But the Ultimate Boost... 
is PQQ + CoQ10! 
In an eye-opening clinical study, 65 Japanese subjects, aged 50 –70, suffering from forgetfulness took PQQ alone, PQQ with CoQ10 or a placebo each day for 24 weeks.

Researchers found that while PPQ alone significantly improved higher cognitive function and memory, those taking both PPQ and CoQ10 got an even bigger boost!

Which this should come as no surprise, given that CoQ10 has been proven to help support:
  • A Healthier Heart
  • At least 100 studies at major universities and hospitals link CoQ10 deficiency with heart problems.
  • In one clinical study conducted in Italy, patients with congestive heart concerns took 50-100 mg of CoQ10 a day for three months… with astonishing results.
  • These patients experienced improvements in heartbeats… breathing capacity… and the body’s response to inflammation.
  •  A Supercharged Brain 
  • Accumulated oxidative stress has been linked to memory loss and neurodegeneration. Yet CoQ10 has been shown to slow oxidative damage, reducing the damage amyloid proteins can do to your brain cells.
  • In addition, one study revealed that CoQ10 supplementation reverses age- related impairments in learning. 
  •  Sharper Vision 
  •         Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science reports remarkable results of those who took CoQ10 for one year. They reported seeing more clearly.
  •  Younger-Looking Skin 
  • CoQ10 can work on the outside, too. A German study documents that CoQ10 helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of our environment.
  •  Easier Breathing 
  •        Allergy Journalreports that CoQ10 promotes bronchial health.
  •  Healthier Gums 
  • CoQ10 helps improve gum and oral health, according to Japanese researchers.
  •  Super Immunity 
  • Research by Dr. Karl Folkers, one of the pioneers in CoQ10 research, reveals that CoQ10 is a “key factor in the optimum immune system functioning.”
  •  Mitochondrial Function & Even Longer Lifespan! 
  • CoQ10 is essential for the production and transfer of energy in your mitochondria. If you are deficient in CoQ10, mitochondrial stress increases, mitochondrial dysfunction skyrockets, and aging accelerates.
  • A study published in         Experimental Gerontology revealed the age-defying power of CoQ10.
  • In this study, rats that were given CoQ10 experienced an 11.7% increase in average lifespan and a whopping 24% increase in maximum life span.
And Now There's a Way to 
See, traditional CoQ10 is known as ubiquinone. But once it gets into your body, it must be converted to the reduced form, ubiquinol in order to work.

But here’s the problem:

After age 45, your body’s ability to convert CoQ10 into ubiquinol is diminished, robbing you of the full disease-fighting, health-boosting power of CoQ10.

Plus, by the time you are 80, most of your body's own CoQ10 has mostly vanished. 

Fortunately, scientists have discovered a new delivery system that skips this conversion process. The result? You take CoQ10 ubiquinol straight on its own.

By taking this special new form, known as CoQ10-H2, you gain two huge advantages over typical CoQ10…

You get 8 TIMES greater absorption of CoQ10 .

According to a study published in the Journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 150 mg of the new CoQ10-H2 raised blood levels to a degree that would take 1,200 mg of traditional CoQ10.
Even better…

Super-charged CoQ10-H2 remains in your blood at a 3.75-fold greater concentration.

Plus, this super potent CoQ10-h2 slows the aging process an extra 51%!

In a study, one group of mice received a standard lab diet with no CoQ10. The second got the same diet with traditional CoQ10. And the final group got the same diet with the new form of CoQ10-H2 Ubuiquinol.

At one year of age — the point that’s equivalent to late middle age for humans — the mice who took the new CoQ10-H2 aged at a rate that was 22% slower than those taking regular Co1Q10 and a whopping 51% slower than the mice taking no CoQ10.

If that’s not enough, the mice taking th CoQ10-H2 were able to run continuously on their treadmills two and a half times longer than the mice taking conventional CoQ10.

They had more than super health — they had super stamina!
 Ultra Accel II Includes Ubiquinol
Each softgel of Ultra Accel II combines BOTH BioPQQ® ( the most potent form of PQQ available ) and a the Super-CoQ10 Ubiquinol!
Now, for the first time, it’s possible for you to take one supplement that…

Increases the amount of energy ( jet fuel ) your cells produce with CoQ10-H2, and…

Increases the number of mitochondria ( jet engines) you have to burn that fuel with PQQ.
But We Didn't Stop There!
New Ultra Accel II also includes the unique age-defying herb… Gynostemma Pentaphyllum.

Also called Jiaogulan, this herb is an adaptogen, which protects your body against stress and boosts your strength and stamina. But what really ensured we included it in Ultra Accel II is clinical research showing that Jiaogulan activates an enzyme called AMPK, which in turn…
  •  Deactivates many destructive effects of aging to keep your cells youthful and vital.
  •  Creates brand-new mitochondria in your cells to give your blood a revitalized boost.
  •  Causes cells to melt fat for energy, instead of storing it there – keeping you slim and energized.
This powerful new ingredient may be news to the Western world, but it’s not new in China. It’s been helping people live longer, better lives for over 600 years… 

They knew drinking tea made with this “Immortality Vine" resulted in longer life and stronger bodies, but they didn’t know why.
When you’re young, you’ve got loads of AMPK working in every cell of your body to keep you energized and your cells healthy. 

But the older you get, your AMPK enzymes become less "activated."

And that’s when you see age-related conditions like increased belly fat, unhealthy blood sugar levels and other destructive factors of aging.

What activated AMPK does is take your own fat cells — and excess blood sugar that’s floating around in your body — and sends them directly to be burned for energy.

The results are healthy blood sugar levels… and less fat around your middle! If you’ve noticed a "spare tire" creeping up around your waist, it’s because your AMPK isn’t working as hard for you as it did when you were in your 30s.

In fact, researchers at a prestigious California university have shown that increasing the amount of AMPK in fruit flies increased their lifespans by 30% — and the flies stayed energized, healthy and active much longer as well!

And it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that AMPK is related to increased energy levels… because it’s also connected to the health and number of mitochondria we have.

On top of all the other things AMPK can do, it also creates new mitochondria… just like PPQ and eliminates cellular garbage that gathers inside old cells!
Ultra Accel II is Three Energy Powerhouses 
Together for the First Time
  •  The cellular fuel 8X stronger than CoQ10 — Ubiquinol
  •  The mitochondria multiplier super nutrient — PPQ 
  •  The ancient “Immortality Vine”  —          Jiaogulan

A powerful form of vitamin E called Tocotrienols that protect your heart, boost your cells’ antioxidant strength by up to 300%, and further enhance the effects of CoQ10. 

There’s simply nothing else like it on the market!
In total, the Unique Ultra Accel II Formula:
  •  Supports heart health: A number of clinical studies have found CoQ10 promotes cardiovascular health, while PQQ promotes blood flow in the heart.
  •  Supports brain health: PQQ protects neurons and stimulates nerve cell growth. PQQ combined with CoQ10 also dramatically improved memory and higher cognitive functions in multiple scientific studies. 
  •  Supports healthy blood sugar: An Australian study showed that patients who took CoQ10 were able to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, AMPK improves glucose uptake in cells, supporting blood sugar within the normal range. 
  •  Supports good vision: In a recent clinical trial, taking CoQ10 for a year helped people see more clearly. 
  •  Supports healthy weight: AMPK moves excess fats into your mitochondria to be used as energy — resulting in more energy and a slimmer waistline! 
  •  Supports healthy cholesterol: AMPK promotes healthy triglyceride levels. 
  •  Supports respiratory health: Researchers in Texas found CoQ10 promotes bronchial health.
  •  Supports gum health: CoQ10 has been shown to improve gum and oral health. 
  •  Fights dangerous oxidative stress: CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant, eliminating the free radicals that can cause damage to cell membranes and mitochondria. 
  •  Supports healthy skin: A German study showed that CoQ10 can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help protect skin from the damaging effects of too much exposure to sunlight.
 And powerfully supports a longer lifespan by first multiplying, and then super-charging your body's mitochondria!
Customer Testimonials for ULTRA ACCEL II
"More Energy in 24 Hours!"

"I noticed more energy within 24 hours of taking Ultra Accel. I was thrilled to have all that extra strength and endurance. Then after a few months, I ran out and within a week, all that extra energy disappeared. I didn’t realize how much it affected me until it was gone. Now, I’ll never be without Ultra Accel."

– Karyn E., West Palm Beach, FL
"Who’d Risk NOT Feeling Like This?"

"I’ve always had high energy levels from being physically active and into sports. [With Ultra Accel] I’ve found my energy levels to be as high or higher with less exercise. People can’t believe I turned 50 this year. I intend to keep taking Ultra Accel for the rest of my life. Who’d risk NOT feeling like this?"

– Wayne L., Sydney, Australia
“Found The Energy I Was Looking For.”

"I wanted to try PQQ in Ultra Accel II because of how you described it delivering boundless energy. I really found the energy I was looking for. It gives me the energy in the bedroom and at work. And I look young as well and strong."
— Daniel A.
“I Would Not Be Without It.”

 “My hands don’t ache, my vision is much sharper, and my memory is sharper than ever. I feel better and my mood is much calmer. I believe this can be attributed to Accel. I’ve always taken CoQ10, but this is the first time I’ve found a gel cap that works this good, or maybe I should say that I can tell a difference. Now I would not be without it.”  

— Susan D., Junction City, KS
“A Fantastic Product Which I Take Every Day.”

“Ultra Accel II is a fantastic product which I take every day since I started taking it early this year. My blood pressure and blood sugar levels are within the normal ranges.

— Ajayi M.
"My Endurance Doubled!"

"I exercise several times a week, and with Ultra Accel, my endurance doubled. I love it. There really is something about Ultra Accel that I can FEEL. It’s not just in your body either. You can feel it mentally, too. This is something I’ll be taking for a long time."

– Jerry M., Wellington, FL
"I Feel Like I'm 40 Again!” 

"With PQQ in Ultra Accel II, I have energy I never thought possible. I am 70 but feel 40 again. I think clearer, move with real energy and sleep like a baby."

— Coleene R.
"Fittest 67-Year-Old They've Ever Seen!"

“Honestly I have been taking Ultra Accel II for that long I forget what I was like before. However I am 67 years old and feeling pretty good and not taking any medication. My work mates who are all under fifty reckon I am the fittest 67 year old they have ever seen and have trouble keeping up to me.”

— Dale A.
“Did As Well As Several Patients Tested Who Were In Their 20s.”

“I’m a 70-year-old man and I’ve been taking Accel for 2 1/2 months. On a recent treadmill stress test, I was told that I did as well as several patients tested who were in their 20s.”

— John H., Bradenton, FL
“I Was A New Person Again.”

 “I had been having sleepless nights for many weeks and all the obvious signs of stress were evident on my face, lines and bags of water below my eye lids. My face looked very frail all over. I placed an order of a bottle of Dr. Sears’ Private label Ultra Accel II to try out but still skeptical about its healing effects. After 2 weeks I had a look in the mirror and only to my surprise I was a new person again. All lines disappeared including the bag of water below my eye lids and I had all new energy rush through me.”

— Anthony K., Papua New Guinea 
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YES, I want to alleviate the symptoms of aging and extend my life.
YES, I want to be as energetic as I was in my 20's.

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